How to make a Good CV? How to Write a CV?

When you are applying for any job any post, the first question come to mind in applicant’s mind is How to make a CV or How to write a CV or what is the best format while making a CV. A lot of companies ask for CV or some ask for Resume so applicant will understand what is the difference between CV and resume below and than it will be easy to know how to write a CV

Furthermore, here are all the tips and professional examples mention below to make a good CV. Similarly, to get consideration and to get highly noticed one should mention all the professional and personal skills and experiences in the CV.

Moreover, before going through the other important details it is mandatory to know the difference between CV and Resume so first of all, all the differences of CV and Resume are mention below.

Difference between CV and Resume


A CV that is also known as Curriculum Vitæ and meaning is Course of Life and it is a Latin word. Furthermore, A CV is a well explained document of two or more pages which includes all your detailed qualification, experiences and skills. Similarly, CV also includes all the awards, accomplishment, honors and publications.


A Resume is a short and summarized document of one page and less detailed document comparatively to a CV. A resume is a short sketch. A resume is best approach for those employers who want to short list candidates in no time instead of reading a 2-3 pages long document. Furthermore, here are some International jobs mention below If anyone wants to apply.

Tips and Guidelines

  • Make your CV in MS Word but always represent in PDF format.
  • Always mention your name with your CV or Resume e.g., “CV/Resume_ABC”.
  • Do not add irrelevant data into your CV that will not benefit you in anyway.
  • Do not forget to skip your name in the address as it is not good to repeat name again and again.
  • It is not mandatory to mention FSc or Matric in education.
  • Mention work experience and your skills.
  • Mention your awards, accomplishments and scholarships if you have any.

Please make sure to follow these important guidelines mention below:

  • Date, content and text is aligned well.
  • Mention your qualification before work experience.
  • Photo of applicant is not necessary to add.
  • Do not add any objective in CV or Resume.
  • Add LinkedIn Profile into your CV.
  • Only add year in education not months.