The Lord Kitchener Scholarships Fund UK 2022 is available for British students to study a postgraduate course in the UK. The scholarships are worth up to £3,000 per year to cover tuition fees (usually payable by installments) and are awarded on a means-tested basis.

The scholarships are named after Horatio Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener, who was born in Ballylongford, County Kerry, Ireland, in 1850. He is most well known as the architect of the British victory over the Sudanese at the Battle of Omdurman and as the face on the ‘Lord Kitchener Wants You’ recruitment poster during World War One. He also served as Consul-General and Commander-in-Chief in Egypt and Sudan from 1892 to 1914.

The Lord Kitchener Scholarships are available to British students wishing to study at the postgraduate level at an approved UK university or higher education institution. They can be studied in any subject area although preference will be given to candidates wishing to study engineering, science, mathematics, or technology subjects.

What is the Lord Kitchener Scholarships Fund UK?

The Lord Kitchener Scholarships Fund UK 2022 is open to all African students, including those from Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Libya. Students will be selected on merit, taking into consideration their academic record, leadership qualities, extra-curricular activities, and financial circumstances. Students will be able to apply for grants of up to £3,000 per year. This amount is paid directly to their chosen educational institution so that they may use the money as they wish; whether this is for accommodation living expenses or for tuition fees. A total of 25 scholarships will be awarded each year between 2018 and 2022.

Who is eligible to apply for The Lord Kitchener Scholarships Fund?

There are ten awards of £2,000 each, and you can choose to apply for one or more of the awards. You can also apply for an award in a different category than the one you were shortlisted for.

  • Sons and daughters of serving members of the Armed Forces who are currently serving on an operational tour;
  • Children of British citizens who have lost their lives whilst serving as members of the Armed Forces outside the UK;
  • Young people from all backgrounds who have been affected by armed conflict, either in the UK or overseas (including those who have been directly affected by terrorism and extremism);
  • Young people from all backgrounds from under-represented communities who are seeking to train as journalists;
  • Sons and daughters of those who have died whilst serving as police officers or firefighters in the UK;
  • Young people from all backgrounds aged 16-25 currently living with a physical disability;
  • and Young people from all backgrounds aged 16-25 living with a mental health condition (including depression) or who are living with a parent/carer with a physical disability or mental health condition.

What are the selection criteria?

The Selection Committee will consider the following factors when making their decision:

  • Achieve academic success in each of the following areas: English (Language and Literature), Mathematics, and Science.
  • Took part in an extracurricular activity outside school during the year of application.
  • Has a record of community service, charity work or voluntary work.
  • Has demonstrated leadership qualities through involvement in extra-curricular activities at school or in the local community.
  • Is able to demonstrate that they have taken advantage of opportunities open to them for self-development, for example, through travel or participation in sporting or cultural activities.


The Selection Committee will not discriminate between the sexes, races, or religious beliefs of candidates. The following criteria will be used in assessing applications:

  • Academic achievement and potential
  • Leadership qualities and activities
  • Work experience Financial need
  • Family background and other statistics

The applicant must have strong literacy skills with a minimum score of 8+ in English or Welsh first language or 4+ in English or Welsh as a second language. The applicant must be able to demonstrate their commitment to the chosen course of study and to their community.

Individuals should be able to show that they have demonstrated significant leadership qualities and good personal qualities such as respect, integrity, trustworthiness, and empathy. The individual should also demonstrate a continuing commitment to work hard at school or college. If they have not yet attended school or college, they can demonstrate this through other activities such as employment, voluntary work, etc. The applicant should also be able to demonstrate how they will benefit from further education.

The selection process takes place over a number of stages.

Stage 1: involves writing an essay that should not be longer than 1000 words. Additional information may be required to help us assess your eligibility. If you are invited, you will then take part in either an interview or a test. The main purpose of these assessments is to evaluate each candidate’s ability to do the work on offer. They may also psychometrically measure candidates’ character, personality, and suitability for a scholarship at Pembroke College.

Stage 2: We advise that you make your own travel arrangements once you have been offered a place on a course and have made your place deposit payment available to us by completing and sending in a copy of your acceptance letter online (details below).

Stage 3: You will then receive full instructions about how to make any remaining deposits payments, including fees for accommodation and travel costs.

Stage 4: You will receive further information about how much support funding you can expect from the College and from other sources before further proceeding.

Summary of Lord Kitchener Scholarships

The Lord Kitchener Scholarships Fund UK 2022 is open to international students from developing countries. The program offers awards covering tuition fees, living expenses, return economy class flight allowance, travel insurance, airport transfer, overseas medical insurance, and a year-round support network.

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